• Awareness Campaign against Child Begging

 An awareness campaign was conducted in Pune city on 30/4/22 to raise awareness about the issue of child begging. The campaign was organized in collaboration with Sarva Seva Sangh NGO, and it took place at various traffic signals in the city to reach a larger audience. The volunteers raised placards to spread awareness about child rights and the issue of child beggary. Additionally, the volunteers also provided counselling to the children who were involved in begging and motivated them to attend school and complete their education, which would enable them to secure a better future.


  • E-waste collection Drive

An E-waste collection drive was conducted in the college campus from 23/05/22 to 28/05/22. During the drive, the students and staff were encouraged to bring their electronic waste and dispose of it in the E-waste dustbin. As a result, a total of 318.9 Kgs of electronic waste was collected during the drive. This electronic waste was then donated to Threco Recycling LLP, which is a company that specializes in the safe and efficient disposal of electronic waste.. Threco applauded the responsible disposal and assured that E-waste will be disposed in an eco-friendly manner.


  • Anti-Tobacco Day Pledge 

Volunteers raised awareness regarding the harmful effects of tobacco through posters and administered a pledge on ‘Say no to tobacco on 31/05/22.


  • Environment Awareness Rally

Together for a sustainable planet students lead the way in environment awareness rally on 06/06/22.


  • International Yoga Day 

NSS unit celebrated International Yoga Day on 21/06/22 in the college lobby where students came together and performed different Yog – Asanas. The session ended with meditation to reduce stress.


  • Swachh Vari Cleanliness Drive

A cleanliness drive was organized by the NSS unit on 24/06/22 in Sainikwadi. The volunteers cleaned the area and collected garbage in eco-friendly garbage disposable bags after the varkaris had left for their further pilgrimage.


  • Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

Commemorating the 75th anniversary of India's Independence, to mark the Swaraj Mahotsav, the national flag was raised on August 13, 2022, at Christ College Pune. As part of the "Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign", NSS volunteers contributed in creating a Guinness World record of largest online photo album of people holding a national flag consists of 152,559 photos achieved by Savitribai Phule Pune University, 15th August 2022.


  • Blood Donation Camp

The camp was organized in the college campus in collaboration with Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Yuvak Parishad & Y C M Hospital, Pune on 17/07/22. The staff and students came forward for this noble cause to donated blood.110 bottles of blood were collected.


  • Gandhi Jayanti

A visit to Aga Khan Palace was organized on 02/10/22 by the NSS unit. The students explored the palace gardens and museum, learning about India's history and the sacrifices made by Indian leaders to gain freedom from British colonial rule.


  • Joy of Giving Drive 

From 14/10/22 to 20/10/22 NSS volunteers spread the Joy of Giving - collecting cookies, smiley balls, and more for the upcoming Balmela organized by Sarva Seva Sangh NGO. 


  • NSS Orientation 

NSS orientation workshop was held on 20/10/22 in the campus. The objective was to make the new volunteers aware of the activities and programs organized under the National Service Scheme.


  • Bal Mela 

Children’s Fair was organized in collaboration with Sarva Seva Sangh on 22/10/22 in SVD campus, Wadgaonsheri. NSS volunteers played an active role in conducting fun games for underprivileged children. Such initiatives promote community engagement, social welfare, and inclusivity.


  • Unity Day

To mark the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Unity Day was celebrated on 31/10/22 in the college campus. Volunteers administered Unity Pledge and conducted a game to demonstrate how easy it is to be together. The staff and students came together and joined hands to form a ‘Unity Human Chain’ which represents the unity and solidarity among individuals. The purpose of the celebration was to promote unity, harmony, and togetherness among people.


  • Social & Environment Awareness Exhibition – ‘Aspire’

On 07/11/22, an exhibition titled 'Aspire' was held on the open stage. The exhibition featured handmade posters created by students, which were displayed on various topics such as human values, gender equity, pollution, misuse of mobile phones, drug abuse, and other relevant social issues. The purpose of the exhibition was to raise awareness about these issues and to encourage people to take action to address them.


  • Project GarjanaA roar of empowerment 

Project 'Garjana' launched on 10/11/22, is an initiative taken by the Women Cell and NSS Unit of Christ College, Pune. The project aims to empower girl students by boosting their self-esteem and confidence through various activities and training sessions. The project also aims to provide training on self-defense techniques to help them safeguard themselves against violence. Garjana, which means 'a roar', symbolizes the strength and courage that the project seeks to instill in young girls. The purpose of the project is to promote gender equality and empower young women to become confident and self-sufficient individuals.


  • Children’s Day 

On 14/11/22, Children's Day was celebrated by the NSS unit, who spent time with homeless children at Chandan Nagar. The volunteers spoke to the children, taught them math, spelling, and other skills, and urged them to practice good hygiene, do well in school, and give up begging.


  • Peer Guide Workshop 

The NSS volunteers attended the Peer Guide Workshop on 19/11/22 and 29/11/22, which aimed to initiate a process of self-education, gender trainings, and organizing awareness workshops within and outside the campus. The workshops were conducted by Akshara Center and CYDA.

  • Constitution Day 

On November 26, 2022, Christ College Pune celebrated Constitution Day to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India. The event included various activities aimed at teaching students about the significance of the Constitution and its principles. Additionally, some students participated in the Constitution Honor Run - Pune (mini marathon) held by Savitribai Phule Pune University at the Constitution plaque in the Main building.


  • AIDS Awareness Day

 On AIDS Awareness Day, which aims to raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its impact on individuals and communities worldwide, NSS volunteers organized an awareness street play on 1st and 2nd December 2022 at various colleges. In addition, an HIV/AIDS awareness rally was held on 1/12/22 in the Wadgaonsheri area, where students carried banners, posters, and catchphrases to spread awareness.


  • Joy of Giving Drive 

The drive was organized from 14/12/22 to 21/12/22 by the NSS unit of the college with the intention of spreading happiness and joy during the holiday season. The response from the college community was overwhelming, and many students and staff members contributed generously the necessities like clothes, books, stationery, and toys. The collected items were then distributed to various organizations and charities that work with underprivileged children. for the underprivileged children.


  • Visit to Snehalaya And Maher Orphanages

NSS unit visited Snehalaya and Maher orphanages on 23/12/22 as a part of community service project. Volunteers presented them donations of clothes, toys, books, stationery items etc. collected during the Joy of Giving Drive. 


  • Industrial Visit

NSS volunteers visited Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd (Bakori) on 07/01/23. The visit was informative and interesting as the officials at the factory offered a thorough tour of the production facility and described the procedures, they employ to create their goods. The students had the opportunity to see how mushrooms are made and even sample them. The visit helped students gain practical knowledge about various industries and their functioning. 


  • Session On ‘The Art of Living’

On 19/01/23, a guided meditation session on the Art of Living was conducted by Mr. Pratik Shah for the students. The participants had a wonderful experience during the session and were able to grasp the essence of the practice and its effects. The session left them feeling rejuvenated and inspired to continue practicing meditation.

  • Republic Day 

The college campus was filled with great enthusiasm and patriotism as Republic Day was celebrated. The celebration commenced at 8:30 am with the college principal unfurled the national flag. This event was an excellent opportunity for students to comprehend the significance of Republic Day and how it upholds the values of democracy and freedom.

  • Blood Donation Camp

 On 26/01/23, a Blood Donation Camp was organized at Pathare Stadium by the Surendra Pathare Foundation in collaboration with Christ College. The NSS volunteers played an active role in coordinating for the camp, and more than 2,000 bags were collected during the event.

  • EduYouth Meet

On 04/02/23, Christ College students participated in the EduYouth Meet, which was organized by Savitribai Phule Pune University, in partnership with other top educational institutions in Pune, as well as the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the Art of Living Foundation. The event emphasized the importance of creating a drug-free India and promoting patriotism, energy, and dynamism among students. The highlight of the event was the participation of over one lakh students, who pledged to contribute towards these goals and strengthen human values.


  • Youth For Change Workshop

On 06/02/23, Christ College organized a Youth For Change Workshop in association with Akshara center CYDA on its campus. The workshop focused on discussing the issues related to gender equity that still persist in society, and students were encouraged to suggest solutions to tackle them.


  • World Wild Life Day

On 3rd March 2023, the NSS Unit and Department of Arts collaborated with the Society for Animal Safety (SAS) India to celebrate 'World Wild Life Day.' An awareness workshop was organized to spread awareness and encourage people to take action towards protecting wildlife on our planet. Ms Diksha Thakkar gave a talk on animal rescue and promoting compassion towards dogs. She also shared her expertise as a canine behaviorist and nutritionist.


  • International Women’s Day

NSS Unit, Women Cell & Student Council collaboratively celebrated International Women’s Day on 08/03/23. Different activities were conducted to acknowledge women in various ways. The support staff was felicitated by the management of Christ College for their contribution in keeping the campus clean and green. Interactive games were conducted by males for the female staff and students. Women from different fields were interviewed and acknowledged on the college social media platform.


  • Youth Fest 

On April 6th, 2023, the NSS unit hosted the Youth Fest and valedictory of the "Youth for Change Program" in collaboration with Akshara Centre and CYDA, and six affiliated colleges under Savitribai Pune University, namely Christ College Pune, Modern Arts, Commerce & Science College, S P College, Nowrosjee Wadia College, Garware College, and Poona College. The main objective of the fest was to encourage students to become more informed and engaged in promoting gender equality in their own lives and in society at large. The fest was successful in fostering a more inclusive and egalitarian campus community.


  • Workshop – Martial Arts -Self -Defense Training for Girls

As a part of the "Garjana" project, a two-day workshop on self-defense was held on April 20th and 21st, 2023, with the objective of teaching practical self-defense techniques and strategies to girls. The workshop was organized by the Women's Cell and NSS unit of Christ College Pune. Experienced instructors and trainers, Mr. Kumar Ugade, Secretary of the Sambo Association-Maharashtra, and Mr. Suresh Markad, Police Naik of Shivajinagar, Pune, facilitated it. Ms. Sejal Singh, a gold and silver medalist in Sambo at state and national levels and a student of Christ College, along with Mahima Vishwakarma, Omkar Pokharkar, and Ronnit Pardeshi, instructed the students. The workshop provided hands-on training to the girls, enabling them to acquire a deeper understanding of self-defense and learn how to apply their skills in real-life situations.




  • NSS Special Winter Camp 

The Special Winter Camp was organized by the NSS unit of Christ College Pune at the adopted village of Bakori. The camp was held from 5th January 2023 to 11th January 2023 and was attended by 50 volunteers. During the camp, the volunteers engaged in various community service activities such as cleaning the village, planting trees, conducting awareness rallies, interactive sessions for the villagers, cultural program etc.

 Apart from community service activities, the camp also included sessions on personality development, team building, and leadership skills. The volunteers participated in group discussions, team-building exercises, and had guest lectures on various topics like Women Empowerment, Personality Development & Inter-personal Skills, Gender Equity, Indian Education System & Future Prospects, Human Rights, Skill Development for Self-employment, Career Opportunities, Human Values & Social Ethics etc. The volunteers also had an NSS alumni sharing session. 

Volunteers also conducted a survey of the socio-economic conditions of village Bakori, collecting responses from 148 villagers. In addition to conducting the survey, the volunteers also had a fun-filled adventure by going on a trek to Kesnand Hill. The hill is known for its beautiful scenic views. The volunteers had a thrilling experience exploring the hill and taking in the natural beauty around them. The campfire on the last day of camp provided a perfect opportunity for them to unwind and share their experiences.


The camp was a great success in terms of achieving its objectives of community service, personality development, and contribution to society. The volunteers gained valuable experience and developed a strong sense of social responsibility. The villagers also expressed their gratitude for the services provided by the volunteers.


  • ‘Avhaan’ – Disaster Management Camp

The 'Avhaan' disaster management camp organized by Savitribai Phule Pune University from 19/12/22 to 28/12/22 had been a valuable opportunity for NSS volunteer Tejas Waindayskar to receive training and education on various aspects of disaster management. The skills and knowledge gained through this camp will surely help Tejas and other volunteers to be better equipped to handle emergency situations in the future. The camp's focus on topics such as Medical First Responder (MFR), Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue (CSSR), and other related areas highlight the importance of being prepared for unexpected disasters and emergencies.


  • NSS University Level ‘Fort Conservation & Cleanliness Camp’

NSS volunteers participated in NSS University Level ‘Fort Conservation & Cleanliness Camp’ at Raireshwar and Raigad-Pune, organized by SPPU and Appasaheb Jedhe Arts, Commerce, Science College -Pune on 11th & 12th March 2023. The camp emphasized on the importance of maintaining and preserving natural and historical sites. It involved a trekking expedition to the historical Raireshwar Fort in Bhor taluka near Pune, where students learned about the history and significance of the fort, as well as the importance of maintaining it for future generations. The camp also focused on teaching students about cleanliness and keeping natural sites free from pollution and litter.


  • NSS State Level Nature Conservation Camp

Three NSS volunteers from Christ College participated in the NSS State Level Nature Conservation Camp held at Ratanwadi, Ratangad Kalsubai from 18/02/23 to 22/02/23. The camp was organized by D.Y. Patil College in association with Savitribai Phule Pune University. During the camp, the volunteers learned about various aspects of nature conservation, including sustainable tourism, biodiversity, and eco-friendly practices. They also engaged in hands-on activities like cleaning up the surroundings and planting trees to contribute to the environment.






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