Grievance Redressal Cell

Christ College Pune places the utmost importance on the well-being and advancement of its students, staff members, and stakeholders. To uphold this commitment, the college has established a Student Grievance Cell at the institutional level. This committee is dedicated to addressing grievances, whether they pertain to academic or administrative matters. In alignment with UGC directives aimed at preventing caste-based discrimination in higher education, the college has also integrated a complaint lodging mechanism on its website specifically for SC/ST students and staff members. The Student Grievance Cell plays a pivotal role in ensuring the effectiveness of this initiative. The core mission of the Grievance Redressal Committee is to serve as a link between students and the institution. Students are encouraged to submit their grievances directly to the committee coordinator, or grievance boxes placed across the campus. The committee convenes as needed, promptly addressing grievances and taking appropriate actions for their resolution.




1. Ensure a harmonious campus environment for all staff members and students.

2. Provide equal opportunities for individuals to express their grievances without hindrance.

3. Facilitate a hassle-free mechanism for reporting and resolving grievances.

4. Contribute to the overall well-being and positive atmosphere of the institution.

5. Proactively work to prevent discrimination and ensure equitable treatment for all.









1. Receive and document grievances from students, faculty, and staff concerning academic and administrative matters.

2. Ensure the strict confidentiality of grievance details and the identities of those reporting concerns.

3. Thoroughly assess and analyze grievances to determine their validity and scope.

4. Maintain open and effective communication with complainants throughout the grievance resolution process.

5. Initiate timely and appropriate actions to address and resolve grievances, including coordination with relevant college departments.

6. Continuously review and recommend improvements to institutional policies and procedures to prevent future grievances.

7. Maintain comprehensive records of all grievances, actions taken, and outcomes for future reference.






Student Grievance Redressal Form
Student Grievance Redressal (Exam Form)





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