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Policy of Library Advisory Committee

Christ College Library plays an important role in the development and functioning of the college by acting as a information resource centre. It serves the interest of different departments of the college. A Library Advisory Committee has been formed to cater to the teaching and learning needs of the students and the faculty.


  • To provide a forum for discussing library and information needs and expectations of the faculty and the students
  • To ensure a balanced growth of the library in line with the overall development of the College and to represent the interests of the Library in various decision-making groups
  • To advise the Library on policy matters concerning services, resources and facilities
  • To provide an opportunity to faculty and students to raise and discuss initiatives towards the growth of library and information services and the functioning of library.


  • The Committee will meet at least once in a year or as per requirement and within the framework of the overall strategic policies of the College shall:
  • Represent the views of the Library’s stakeholders on library and information services including the timings
  • Recommend new collections for enriching the resources of library to include books and journals. .
  • Providing reference support should be an important aspect of the functioning of the library.
  • Lay down guidelines for maintaining proper decorum in library.

Library Advisory Committee