Director Board (Management)

Christ College, Pune is managed by Carmel Vidya Bhavan Trust which is a registered Society under Societies Registration Act and Mumbai Public Trust Registration Act.

Members of the Governing Body of Carmel Vidya Bhavan Trust

1 Rev. Fr. Joy Puthussery CMI Chairman
2 Rev. Dr. Sony Chundattu CMI Secretary
3 Rev. Fr. Anish Cheruthanickal CMI Member
4 Rev. Dr. Peter Kochalumkal CMI Member
5 Rev. Dr. Jossy P. George CMI Member
6 Rev. Fr. Jaison Vadakkethala CMI Member
7 Rev. Dr. Arun C. Antony CMI Member

Members of the Advisory Board, Christ College

1 Rev. Fr. Sebastian Thekkedath General Councilor for Education
2 Rev. Fr. Joy Puthussery CMI Manager
3 Rev. Dr. Sony Chundattu CMI Director/Principal
4 Rev. Fr. Anish Cheruthanickal CMI Bursar
5 Rev. Dr. Thomas Mampra CMI Founder Manager
6 Rev. Dr. Thomas C. Mathew CMI Vice Chancellor, Christ University, Bangalore


Faculty of Christ College, Pune

Our faculty helps the students to get the real world experience through their innovative methods of teaching. They also understand the career expectations of the students and guide them to reach their goals.

The Teachers and the staff members of Christ College, Pune are actively involved in the decision making process of the teaching methods. They frequently attend seminars and workshops to hone their teaching and administrative skills.

A detailed list of our faculty can be found below

Teaching Staff

1 Dr. Fr. Sony J. Chundattu CMI Director/Principal
2 Dr. Jiji Johnson Dept. of Commerce
3 Mr. Manoj Vora Dept. of Commerce
4 Mr. Kallol Bose Dept. of Commerce
5 Ms. Ruby Phumale Dept. of Commerce
6 Mr. Blesson James Dept. of Commerce
7 Ms. Rutuja Purohit Dept. of Commerce
8 Ms. Manjari Parashar Dept. of Commerce
9 Fr. Anish Cheruthanickal CMI Dept. of Commerce
10 Ms. Nilima Gaikwad Dept. of Computer Science
11 Ms. Priti S. Khandve Dept. of Computer Science
12 Ms. Petricia Leema Roseline Dept. of Computer Science
13 Mr. Yogesh Patil Dept. of Computer Science
14 Ms. Anjuna D.Raj Dept. of Computer Science
15 Mr. David Thomas Vidhate Dept. of Computer Science
16 Ms. Leena Sanu Dept. of Computer Science
17 Ms. Alphonsa Varghese Dept. of Computer Science
18 Mr. Baiju Sebastian Dept. of Economics
19 Ms. Merin Varghese Dept. of Economics
20 Ms. Manu Jain Dept. of Economics
21 Ms. Nisha More Dept. of Electronics
22 Ms. Aruna Bingi Dept. of Electronics
23 Dr. Priya Wahab Dept. of English
24 Ms. Deepa Sujith Dept. of English / Commerce
25 Ms. Kochurani George Dept. of Mathematics
26 Ms. Suvarna Nade Dept. of Mathematics
27 Mr. Sushil Sawant Dept. of Mathematics
28 Ms. Assunta Mendoca-Sandhir Dept. of Political Sc.
29 Mr. Dinup Chandran Director of Physical Edu.
30 Mr. Manu Philip Placement Officer


1 Dr. Jiji Johnson Dept. of Commerce
2 Ms. Nilima Gaikwad Dept. of Computer Science
3 Mr. Baiju Sebastian Dept. of Economics
1 Mr. Manoj Vora M.Com
2 Ms. Priti Khandve M.Sc.
3 Ms. Assunta Mendonca-Sandhir BA
4 Ms. Deepa Sujith BBA/BBM
5 Ms. Leena Sanu BCA

Administrative Staff

1 Mr. Jagdish Salve Office Superintendent
2 Ms. Mrunalini Gadade Librarian
3 Ms. Maya Mathew Asst. Librarian
4 Mr. Francis Jose Accountant
5 Ms. Seema Mane Head Clerk
6 Mr. Sudhir Sawant Senior Clerk
7 Mr. Nikhil Salve Junior Clerk
8 Mr. Sagar Sathe Lab Asst.
9 Ms. Mangal Bodhak Peon
10 Mr. Vijayan Varghese Peon
11 Mr. Roopsingh Peon
12 Mr. Ajay David Ross Peon
13 Mr. Narayan Yadav Peon
14 Ms. Shakeela Damboli Peon
15 Ms. Nirmala Vijayan Peon
16 Mr. Virma Meena Peon
17 Mr. Uber Yadav Peon
18 Mr. Anil Salve Security
19 Mr. Vijay Jagtap Security